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Why We Foster

We are merchants of hope. That is our currency, whether it ends up being six months’ worth or a lifetime supply. As kids, you need hope that a better life is possible. Hope that you’ll have parents who will be there for you. Hope that you’ll have a decent meal, and then another one and another after that. Hope that you’ll get out of the crib, out of the corner, out of the dark room. Hope that the yelling will stop. Hope that you’ll get to touch the grass, look at the trees, laugh at the moon hanging low on a warm summer evening while fireflies dance through the night. Hope that you’ll be heard. Hope that your parents will change. Hope that if they don’t, you can overcome genetics. Hope that this sadness is not forever. Hope that you someone will wrap their arms around you and hold you close. Hope that you’ll find a different way than the drugs and the alcohol and the selfishness and the parade of guys through your mom’s bed. Hope that someone will pick you up when you fall. Hope for boundaries that really just mean someone cares. Hope that there’s more to this life than just this life. Hope that keeps hoping, beyond all reason, beyond all sight. Hope that hung on a cross and took your pain and sin and sadness and brokenness and made it new. Hope that will never end …