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LOTD: Manning/Tebow, being careful and yeah, space is pretty big

– Not always a big Rick Reilly fan, but he’s pretty good in this column on Manning/Tebow. He’s from Denver, so he’s got a good handle on the Broncos organization. Love this line:

It’s sad that the city of Denver will be losing a man as giving and selfless as Tebow, who spent more time in Denver hospitals than the Vicodin rep. Then again, Denver is getting a man who has a children’s hospital in Indianapolis named after him.

A couple thoughts on Manning/Tebow while I’m at it. Elway never seemed to like Tebow all that much, even when the team was winning and the fans were falling in love. Tebow was just so different than he was — how could that possibly be good? Wanted to tell Elway, “Dude, just support your quarterback and your team. It’s not that hard.”

Signing Peyton  Manning was really the only way he could plausibly get rid of Tebow, and that’s what happened. Really, how can anyone blame him for going after one of the best quarterbacks of all time?

Here’s the thing, though: why does he have to get rid of Tebow? Isn’t having both of them the ideal situation? Manning comes in for a couple years, plays well, teaches Tebow everything he knows, sets the stage for Tebow to take over. Plus, you’ve got insurance if Manning gets hurt again, which is a distinct possibility.

But Elway won’t keep Tebow because he doesn’t want him. Seems crazy to get rid of a guy who inspires so much loyalty and passion, but who’d have thought Indy would tell Manning goodbye?

– Switching topics entirely, this is from World’s website on how an affair begins. It starts by not being careful, but ignoring the check in your spirit that God puts there for a reason. Good reminder.

– Always blows my mind how impossibly vast space is and how small we are. And then how incredible it is that God should set his mind upon us. Check it out here.




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