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The Gospel

Sacrificing a Son

In church this morning, Kelsey took Taylor out to get a drink while we were singing. Carter had been standing on the other side of her, so when she left he grinned and scooted over next to me.

I dropped by hand to his shoulder and just kinda left it there. And then we sang the line “All of the sin I have committed / was placed upon your righteous Son.”

In that moment, standing beside my son, I thought about God sacrificing his Son for us. I thought about Abraham’s willingness to offer his son Isaac as a up to God. And I realized how impossible it would be to sacrifice my own son.

And then it got kinda dusty in the sactuary all of a sudden.

But God did it. He gave his only Son that we might be saved. The impossible happened. Glory came down. We believe, and we are saved. Hallelujah.



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