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Holiday World 2010

A few random thoughts after going to Holiday World today:

— A lot of people like that place.

— Free drinks are fantastic. Impossible to overrate. Thirsty? Problem solved — quick, easy and cheap.

— That was about the fastest I’ve ever seen a storm move in. About 4:30, dark, rolling clouds swept across the park. Then the cold, drenching rain hit hundreds of fleeing people. The overhang we huddled under didn’t do a lot of good. Then the almost-simultaneous, right-on-top-of-us, so-loud-and-sudden-it-was-all-you-could-hear lightning and thunder made us jump out of our skin.We were soaked, shivering, kids were scared and crying, summer thunderstorm at its wildest. And in the background, bizzarely, the strains of music played over and over: “simply having a wonderful Christmastime.”

— When a storm hits and the power goes out, lots of people leave. It’s better to stick around a while — you might get a free ticket to come back another day. Nicely done, Holiday World. Nicely done.

— In a water park, there are a lot of people who should have things covered who don’t. America, the beautiful, or something like that.

— Watching kids be excited and amazed is very cool.

— To everyone at Holiday World today: the slightly goofy looking guy running back across the park with two cups and a cone of smurf-blue ice cream melting all over his hands and down his legs and shoes — yeah, that was me. Yes, there was some left by the time I got back to the family. Thanks for all the funny looks (ok, I’m sure I did look funny — not the brightest idea I’ve ever had).

— Whoever designs giant water slides and roller coasters is smart.

— Santa Claus is not very big. (The town, not the guy.)

— Holiday World is a great place to take your family. (I sound like a commercial …)