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Olympic Thoughts

Olympic Thoughts
Haven’t seen a ton so far, but a few thoughts nonetheless:
– I’m sure the Opening Ceremony is really cool in person, but on tv, a lot of it is boring. Cool to see how excited everyone is, though.
– That’s not a torch lighting. This is a torch lighting: http://bit.ly/a91Et6. And so is this: http://bit.ly/ca4G6W (FF to 2:00 min.) P.S. When he went out for the second torch lighting, Gretzky should have taken the lady who got left out when the one leg didn’t raise. That would have been classy.
– How cool would it have been to win the first Canadian gold on Canadian soil? Sweet.
– By the way, moguls skiing is insanely hard. Did you see how fast they were going? And how high they jumped? Sheesh.
– In all of sports, there’s not much like the pure, unadulterated joy of winning a gold medal for your country. And then hearing your national anthem. Always a cool moment.
– Watching short track speed skating is fun.
– Watching pairs figure skating: not so much. Most of the skater should be marked off for their choice of costumes.
– Amazing — and heartbreaking — how years of work and hope and dreams can be shattered by one slip, one fall, one split-second lapse. With something like hockey or Nordic combined skiing, you’ve got room for a few mistakes. In figure skating or moguls or ski jumping — forget about it. One mistake and you’re done.
– Looking forward to the alpine skiing. Talk about insanely fast.
– Like knowing the Olympics are on every night. Fun to watch with your kids, too.
– More to come …


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