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Posted this on the KWC blog today, but a good collection of links to cool stuff online:

Time for a few quick stories as students take a break from getting ready for finals …

— Probably not a career path most KWC students are thinking of, but this guy makes more than $45,000 a year cashing in trashed betting tickets from racetracks and betting parlors. Amazing. Only in the U.S.

— Good review of Amazon’s Kindle, the most popular electronic reader out there. Will never replace holding a book in your hands, but provides instant, easy, portable access.

— Now this is cool: a slideshow (with audio) by a New Yorker photographer of international heads of state at a United Nations meeting in September. Fascinating.

— Good advice from a college admissions dean (at Wesleyan University, not to be confused with Kentucky Wesleyan) on how to be accepted to the college you want.

Did You Know 4.0. (Goes well with the Kindle article.)

— In the midst of the crazy Christmas shopping season, Target is helping checkout clerks enjoy their jobs — by making the checkout process like a game. Smart.

— You gotta see this: an autistic artist from England drawing the New York City skyline from memory. Absolutely incredible. Here’s one he did of Tokyo. Check out the detail:

Wiltshire Tokyo




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