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A few quick links:

–An animated map showing the explosive growth of Wal-Mart across the United States since its beginning in 1965. Fascinating to watch it “spread like wildfire” in the Southeast and then move across the country.

–This is a couple months old, but check out these cool photos from President Obama’s inauguration. From The Big Picture, which presents large-format photos for better viewing.

–An interview with ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes. You know, the guy that ran 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. Yeah. His next project: to run cross-country from San Fransisco to New York. His goal is to do 4,200 miles in 100 days, averaging 42 miles a day. I don’t even drive that far every day.

–Low-tech fixes for high-tech problems.

Quiverfull. Think about what that word might mean (in a Biblical context). Then go read the story (warning — there is one profanity). Kinda frightening the way some people interpret God’s word.

–A BBC audio slideshow of writer’s rooms. Cool to see where they work.

–Don’t like the new Facebook? You’re not alone.