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Getting Paid to Blog

So I figured out a way to get paid to blog: start a new blog for your workplace.


Check out KWConnect, the official blog of Kentucky Wesleyan College. It will focus on all things Kentucky Wesleyan of course, and I’ll also do some links and news items and stuff similar to what I’ve written on here. I’ll still do some things on here b/c the KWC blog isn’t really my thoughts — its purpose is to connect KWC alumni, students, friends, etc. and give them all an easy way to keep up with the college. Plus they probably don’t particularly care about the adventures of two little Hoak boys who show up here from time to time.


But if I don’t post here for a while, that’s probably why. Either that or I can’t think of anything to write about. Or I’m lazy. Or I don’t have time. Take your pick.


You can find it the blog at www.kwcblog.net or there are links to it from www.kwc.edu. Let me know what you think.


Speaking of KWC, if any Owensboro people want to go to KWC basketball games at the Sportscenter this season and are in need of tickets for any particular game, check with me. Faculty and staff get free tickets. I’ll probably go to some games, but if I’m not planning to go, I’ll have some tickets available for any home game. Even if I go, I may still have an extra ticket, so just ask. We’re 6-0 so far this year and ranked No. 12 in Division II.




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