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Election Day 08

A few random thoughts on Election Day 2008:

  • Voting is a great privilege. Go do it.
  • That said, how can this be the biggest election of our lifetime? Most of us were alive four years ago when they said the same thing. And probably four years before that and four years before that. They’re all big. Deal with it.
  • I’m a little jittery. Too much coffee. Not a huge Starbucks guy, but it was nice they’re giving away free coffee. Of course someone had to complain about it.
  • If I were running a terrorist organization, I’d plan my attack for today. Think about the chaos.
  • Just heard a college student say, “I’m excited. I hadn’t voted in a presidential election ever.” That’s kinda cool.
  • The long lines at the polls are pretty cool too. The best part? I didn’t have to wait in them. My line was short.
  • A few years ago I thought Kentucky was ahead of the curve because we voted electronically and Florida was dealing with those pesky hanging chads. Now we’re back to paper ballots. Huh.
  • Love how everyone’s talking about voting.
  • So, go vote. But don’t put your hope in the results. Save that for One who really deserves it.


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