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What’s wrong with America? Spanking, of course.

Just saw this and I can’t not post it. From a New York Times parenting blog comes a post entitled, “When is Spanking Child Abuse?” Apparently, a pastor in Wisconsin is on trial to determine if his spanking of his son was child abuse — the son is fine with it, but the case was reported by a teacher of one of his siblings.

Here’s how the blog’s writer ends her post in favor of non-spanking:

I can’t imagine using spanking as a deliberate and proscribed punishment. I have, however, hit my boys a small handful of times, in white-hot anger. They were already stronger than I was, and practically taller than I was, so I didn’t really have the power to physically hurt them. Yet I still cringe at the memory of my own loss of control, of the knowledge of what that could mean in a stronger parent with a smaller child.

We tell our children “do not hit.” Shouldn’t we all practice as we preach?

In her attempt to be honest, she blows her own case. Isn’t hitting your children in “white-hot anger” (even if they’re bigger than you and you only do it a “small” handful of times) worse than a reasoned, compassionate, well-thought out spanking?

Also learned this little nugget:

While the United Nations has set a target date of 2009 to end corporal punishment by parents, and while 23 countries have already banned hitting kids, the United States is not one of them.

Go ahead and click that link. Then come back and tell me what you think about www.endcorporalpunishment.org. Should be enlightening.




One thought on “What’s wrong with America? Spanking, of course.

  1. never spank a child in anger always have a coolinjg time if you do spank cause if yuou spank in anger you may hurt child not meaning too i was spanked as a kid and always had to wait till dad calmed down first so that he would not hurt me rather teach me a lesson and i thakyou dad for spanking me you made me a better person

    Posted by sau7sux | May 19, 2010, 12:34 pm

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