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How Many Houses Do You Own?

So John McCain lost track of how many houses he owns and now Barack Obama is hitting him hard over the issue, painting him as out-of-touch and elitist, unable to relate to normal Americans.

Yes, it’s ridiculous that McCain didn’t know how many houses he owns. No, we can’t relate to that.

But here’s why it’s not a big deal: anyone who runs for President of the United States is elitist. To be able to seriously consider the office of leader of the free world requires massive amounts of money, influence and power that regular Americans just don’t have.

None of the candidates are in touch with what it means to struggle to fill their cars up with gas and pay all the bills today. They may have come from difficult backgrounds (John Edwards was fond of reminding us ad naseum that he was from a poor mill town. Unfortunately, he was fond of some other things too.), but if they did, they left those difficult days behind long ago. They’re not hurting now.

So whether it’s McCain or Obama, Hillary or Romney, John Kerry (the Dems didn’t seem to have any problem with his fortune) or George Bush, Al Gore or George Bush, they’re all elitists.

And as my friend Madison pointed out, “if a Republican economic strategy leads you to have so many houses you can’t keep count, then it is a REALLY good strategy.”



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