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Customer Service?

If I’m ever in charge of a large company with a bajillion customer service representatives, here are a couple of principles that my employees will follow:

  • Only transfer a customer to another department when absolutely necessary. We will train you so that everyone will be able to answer almost all questions that come up. If you can’t handle more than one topic on a call, get a new job.
  • If you absolutely must transfer someone, do it right the first time. And there will be a maximum of one transfer per call. You transfer someone more than once, you’re looking for a new job.
  • Also, on the rare occasion that you do transfer someone, you should first explain to the new customer service representative who the customer is, what their problem is, what they need and why you’re transferring them. You don’t want the customer to repeat himself twelve times.
  • Learn to speak English that can be understood. I don’t care if you’re in India, the Philippines or Timbuktu. You’re working for a company whose main customers speak English. If you can’t speak intelligible English, get a different job.

If more companies would follow these principles, then perhaps their customers wouldn’t want to beat their heads against the wall after they get off the phone with said companies.



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