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Yep, The Olympics Are Cool

See, now that’s why we watch the Olympics. The men’s 400m freestyle swimming relay. Eight teams, but really just the Americans against the French. Michael Phelps’ goal of eight gold medals on the line. President Bush in attendance. The French star said they were going to “smash” the Americans. Oh yeah? That was the wrong thing to say. Got us all fired up. Still, it looked like they had us. Almost a body length lead on the last leg. They were going to beat us. They were too far ahead, no way he was going to catch up. But then he did. It’s a cliche, but the anchor swam the race of his life. Out-touched him by 0.08 of a second. The other swimmers go nuts. Americans all across the country jump around their living rooms (and, apparently, update Facebook to say how cool it was). Sweet. Take that, France.



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