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This is Our World

Interesting (to me) news, articles, etc. from around this planet we call home:

  • A profile of mega-church leader Joel Osteen. He’s running a business, not a church. Really interesting to read about, but no mention in his message of the one thing the church should be proclaiming: the Gospel. God does want you to be prosperous, though. And healthy. It’s not his will for you to be sick. Really, it’s not.
  • Why anyone who respects life should not vote for Obama — The Infanticide Shibboleth.
  • This is what happens when you mix alcohol, shotguns and lawnmowers: Angry man shoots lawnmower for not starting. Money quote: “I can do that, it’s my lawn mower and my yard so I can shoot it if I want.” Check out his mug shot. Classic.
  • Why conservatives are happier than liberals (according to Arthur Brooks, author of Gross National Happiness:

 In 2004 Americans who called themselves “conservative” or “very conservative” were nearly twice as likely to tell pollsters they were “very happy” as those who considered themselves “liberal” or “very liberal” (44% versus 25%). One might think this was because liberals were made wretched by George Bush. But the data show that American conservatives have been consistently happier than liberals for at least 35 years.

This is not because they are richer; they are not. Mr Brooks thinks three factors are important. Conservatives are twice as likely as liberals to be married and twice as likely to attend church every week. Married, religious people are more likely than secular singles to be happy. They are also more likely to have children, which makes Mr Brooks confident that the next generation will be at least as happy as the current one.

American conservatives tend to believe that if you work hard and play by the rules, you can succeed. This makes them more optimistic than liberals, more likely to feel in control of their lives and therefore happier. American liberals, at their most pessimistic, stress the injustice of the economic system, the crushing impersonal forces that keep the little guy down and what David Mamet, a playwright, recently summed up as the belief that “everything is always wrong”. … in as much as the American left is now a coalition of groups that define themselves as the victims of social and economic forces, and in as much as its leaders encourage people to feel helpless and aggrieved, he thinks they make America a glummer place.

  • Cassette tapes are not dead. They’re doing quite well — in prisons.
  • It’s always funny to watch people try to dunk a basketball who have no business dunking a basketball. They usually end up falling. One classic is below. For much more hilarity, check out this top 20 video list.


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