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Kelsey Meningitis Update

Update sent out to church e-mail:

We came home from the hospital today (Monday) around 4:00 p.m. Kelsey did have viral meningitis (not bacterial). Strong headaches continued today as a result of her spinal tap on Saturday, so they did a blood patch on her spinal cord, which eased the headaches almost immediately. She’s home and resting now, but still very weak. The doctor said it would take about a week to recover and she probably won’t be quite up to par the rest of the summer.
We’re grateful for God’s protection in keeping Kelsey’s sickness from being any worse. Didn’t plan to spend the weekend in an isolation room in the hospital, but God planned it all along. Thanks for all your prayers, concern and love.

I’ve got a couple of amusing anecdotes from the weekend to share later …



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