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Thursday Links

Links worth noting (otherwise, why would I post them, right?):

–You get bonus points if you can explain this drawing. Prints are available here (you’ll find the explanation if you follow the link).


–Boeing is building a new commercial jet liner known as the Dreamliner. Check out these nifty photos — the thing is massive. Parts of it come from all over the world, and it’s put together in the largest building in the world (by volume) in Everett, Washington. Another piece of info: “… all the tools that go out on a shift come back in. In the plant every single tool is accounted for, since a torque wrench left in a wing could mean disaster.” It must occasionally get tense working on a project where people’s lives can depend on how careful you are.

–Looking for an ultra-thin wallet? Mission accomplished. (I’m all about thin wallets. Who wants to sit on a honkin’ bulge?)

–The stupidest business decisions in history (M&M’s missed out). Nice.

Right place, right time. Best delivery the USPS has ever made. (And great illustration of God’s sovereignty.)

–Ryan Seacrest is smarter (and richer) than you think he is.

–This a couple of months old, but still applicable. Look past the inspiring talk (and yeah, he’s a good speaker) and here’s what you find.

–Are you a procrastinator? Here’s what your life looks like, in flowchart form.

–Some college students are fighting the sexual culture on campuses with chastity clubs.

–What are you doing on the computer? Go read a book.

–But not until you watch this video. Careful, you might break into song. It’s kinda catchy.



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