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American Idol Worship?

So apparently American Idol closed out its “Idol Gives Back” show last night with the song, “Shout to the Lord.” I didn’t see it, but just watched the YouTube clip. Intriguing. Why would the most popular show in the country close out their charity special with a song that openly worships God? They changed “My Jesus” to “My Shepherd” in the first line, but the rest sounded normal.

Are there Christians involved with the show? Are they just playing to a certain demographic? It’s not the first religious song that’s ever been on Idol, but it seems sort of an odd choice for a finale. I’m not complaining — it’s great that the song got some play — but it’s a little empty to have people singing it that a couple of weeks ago were singing about waiting for their soulmate who just happens to be married to someone else. Thoughts?

(HT: Vitamin Z)



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