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Fade in . . . to a bathroom. A little 3-year old red-haired boy is on the potty and his dad is helping him.

Daddy: Son, you’ve got to stop pee-peeing in your underwear. Why do you do that?

Boy: Because I do.

Daddy: You need to go pee-pee in the potty.

Boy: I just like doing it (in my underwear).

Daddy: That’s three times today. That’s terrible.

Boy: When a car crashes, that’s terrible too.

Daddy: (Shaking head)

Fade out . . .


3-year old red-haired boy listening to a kid’s song with several verses: “Tractor, tractor, harvesting the wheat . . . Fire truck, fire truck, zooming down the street . . . Backhoe, backhoe, digging up the dirt . . . Rocket, rocket, shooting to the moon.”

Boy: Mommy, I have a song.

Mommy: What is it?

Boy: Cupcake, cupcake, zooming down the highway.



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