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There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq …

Chuck Norris lives in Oklahoma.

–Parents-to-be, read this. Be careful naming your kids. Although, according to Bad Baby Names, a new book, kids can turn out okay no matter how bad their name is. Consider some of these monikers:

By scouring census records from 1790 to 1930, Mr. Sherrod and Mr. Rayback discovered Garage Empty, Hysteria Johnson, King Arthur, Infinity Hubbard, Please Cope, Major Slaughter, Helen Troy, several Satans and a host of colleagues to the famed Ima Hogg (including Ima Pigg, Ima Muskrat, Ima Nut and Ima Hooker).
The authors also interviewed adults today who had survived names like Candy Stohr, Cash Guy, Mary Christmas, River Jordan and Rasp Berry. All of them, even Happy Day, seemed untraumatized.

One other piece of trivia from the article: You know the Johnny Cash song, “A Boy Named Sue“? Guess who wrote it? It’s none other than Shel Silverstein (of “Where the Sidewalk Ends” fame.) Who knew?

–See the world at night, thanks to Google Maps. Pretty cool.

–The chick who won the Best Actress Oscar a few weeks ago? She’s an idiot.

–Calculate the WalkScore for where you live. It takes into account how close you are to the necessities of life and how easy it is to get there.

–How many of these can you do?

–Take this with a grain of salt, but here’s a list of the most powerful Christians in Hollywood.

–Yeah, professional atheletes make more money than we do. Just look at the stakes of their poker games. What’s $30,000 in a hour or so? Chump change.

–Our kids owe us a lot of money by the time they’re 18. On second thought, we owe our parents too, so it all evens out.

–A 360-degree immersive video: click anywhere while it’s playing, drag your mouse and it’ll change your point of view. It’s only a minute long, so try it a couple of times. Technology is cool. (Although sometimes it’s not, since this video doesn’t always seem to be working. You can watch it here if you want.)

And one more video. You might have seen this, but watch as this Lufthansa Airbus tries to land in a deadly crosswind in Hamburg, Germany (one article said the wind was 155 mph). The pilot’s got mad skills. The plane eventually landed safely:



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