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Two Things

And they’re both political:

1. Kentucky elected a new governor in November. One of the main planks of his platform was casino gambling. Yesterday, he released his plan for how to make it happen. He wants 12 casinos throughout the state  (one of them would be in Owensboro/Daviess County). For casino gambling to be legal, an amendment to the state constitution has to clear the Kentucky House and Senate and then be voted on by the people. Citizens in each separate locality will then vote on whether or not to allow a casino in that particular city or county. I think there’s too much opposition for it to clear all those levels, but I could be wrong.

Here’s the thing: Gov. Beshear wants casino gambling because of all the revenue it will bring in. And yes, it probably will make money. But where does that money come from? A lot of it will be from people who can’t afford to lose it. Aside from any moral problems people may have with gambling, it’s absolutely terrible public policy to base your revenue stream on the citizens of your state losing money. Hopefully, Kentucky’s citizens will wake up to that fact.

2. Looks like John McCain will be the Republican nominee for president. He wouldn’t have been my first choice or the first choice of many conservatives. But I do not understand — at all — those people who say they will sit the election out or vote for Obama/Hillary rather than vote for McCain.

As Hugh Hewitt notes, when we’re at war, we want a commander-in-chief who understands the magnitude of what we’re up against, not someone who thinks we can just talk things out with people who want to annihilate us. When there could be as many as six Supreme Court vacancies in the next few years, we want a president who at least will consider nominating conservative judges rather than a president we know will put as many liberals in place as possible. Sure, McCain’s more liberal than we’d like on immigration, the environment and other things, but those two issues are enough to make the case for me.



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