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Today, Carter went sledding for the first time. He loved it. The icy crust that formed from all the rain/sleet/freezing rain that fell on top of the snow last night makes for pretty good sledding, as the neighborhood kids found out this morning. Turns out the best spot around is in our backyard — it’s a long, gradual, open slope that lets you pick up speed until you coast into the field next door or slam into the shed. Your choice. I had never thought of it as a good sledding spot before, but the icy top on the snow made it perfect.

So Carter and I were out just goofing around (I went into work late) and three boys started sledding back there. We went back to join them, borrowed an extra plastic sled and took off. At first, I rode behind Carter, holding the rope. We went fast and far (Shea, a boy next door, informed us that we “broke the world record”) and Carter thoroughly enjoyed it, so I pulled him back up to do it again. A couple of runs later, I thought I’d see if he wanted to go by himself. I was a little surprised when he said he did.

So I gathered the rope into his 3-year old hands, and let him take off from the top of the hill. I ran beside him as he picked up speed. He didn’t seem the least bit nervous or afraid. Then I realized he was going a lot faster and I needed to stop him before he went far, far away. I grabbed the sled and he tumbled out the front and popped up unharmed, a big grin on his face. He’s all boy, that one. (And I was relieved he wasn’t hurt.)

So we went up to do it again. Same thing, only this time he went even faster (and gave me a big, cheesy grin while he was doing it) before the sled left me in the dust and ran into the field, where he tumbled out again, only this time flipping over backwards. Once again, he loved it.

What I didn’t know was that his mother was watching from the window. She was a little freaked out by the falling. But hey, with yet another boy in the house now, she better get used to it.

Carter also tried to pull me up the hill in the sled (went pretty much as you’d expect) and we lost to the other kids in a race. The girls, of course, thought Carter was cute. We ended up wet and happy.

(By the way, for any of you who are uniformed, the image above is from Calvin and Hobbes. Someday, I’ll do a post explaining why it was the best comic strip in the known universe. Until then, you can borrow one of my books or do yourself a favor and Google it.)



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