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Things I Had Forgotten About Having a Newborn

So we had a baby the other day. Taylor Joseph Hoak, weighing in a 8 pounds, 20.5 inches long. My wife’s site has all the details and a bunch of pictures, so check that out if you want the normal recap. Here, you’ll get one picture:


And since Carter was born three years ago, a list of things I had forgotten or only vaguely remembered about having a newborn:

  • How little a new baby is when you pick him up, especially compared to the giant that your 3-year old son seems to have suddenly become.
  • How much contractions look like they hurt.
  • The amount of information and practical application that nurses have to carry around in their heads.
  • All those tiny snaps on a newborn’s outfit and how often you get them off track and so you have to unsnap them all and redo the whole thing.
  • How strong little arms and legs can be.
  • How infuriating it is when he won’t go to sleep.
  • How little sleep you can actually survive on.
  • The amount of difference that just a couple good hours of sleep can make in your perspective on life.
  • How to swaddle.
  • How important swaddling can be.
  • Baby poopie.
  • The vaseline and gauze that that baby boys need in their diapers for a week or two.
  • The words that a couple of weeks ago would have seemed awkward and unnatural in any sort of conversation now just rolling off your lips with practiced ease (think about it for a minute).
  • How amazing it is that a baby is inside his mommy one day and outside the next day, breathing and everything.
  • How much sense God’s design for life makes.
  • Moms are superwomen.
  • How much stuff one little 8-pound kid needs.
  • How much you want the umbilical cord to just fall off already.
  • How cool it is to have a new living, breathing human being that you can hold in your arms.

I’m sure there will be more in coming days . . .



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