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You’re How Old?

Read Genesis 5 yesterday. Here’s a list of the ages of the men named in that chapter:

Adam: 930 years

Seth: 912 years

Enosh: 905 years

Kenan: 910 years

Mahalel: 895 years

Jared: 962 years

Enoch: 365 years

Methuselah: 969 years

Lamech: 777 years

Noah: fathered Shem, Ham and Japheth after he was 500 years old (he lived to be 950)

Can you imagine being alive for 900 years? In today’s terms, that’s almost an entire century. That’s 225 presidential elections in your lifetime if you lived in the United States. 225! (Probably reason enough to not live that long.)

And having kids at 500 years old? Imagine: “Hey, honey, I know we’ve been around a while, but let’s liven things up around the house a little — let’s have some kids! We’re a little set in our ways, but you’re only 500. You’ve got at least a couple hundred good years left. C’mon, it’ll be fun! I’ll get the crib ready.”

Seriously, God’s sustaining grace in their lives was incredible, as it is in ours.



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