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— Fascinating to watch the political process in America play out. Iowa caucuses last week, New Hampshire primaries this week. Obama and Huckabee rising, Clinton falling. This will affect us all, eventually. Al Mohler’s thoughts on this are good.

–Also intriguing, but kind of depressing, to watch UK playing this year. Our team is not very good. Part of that is past recruiting, part of it is a new coach who’s trying to build a program his way. We’re 6-7 with the always-tough SEC dead ahead. This could get a lot worse before it gets better. On the other hand, we might start to put a few things together. Long-term success though, will most likely be just that: long-term. That doesn’t make UK fans happy, but we’ve gotta give the new coach a fair chance. He won’t be fired after one bad year. After two, maybe. Here’s an interesting take from a cross-section of UK fans.

Cool article about the new Indiana Jones movie coming out May 22. Oh yeah. (Btw, for HBC’ers at the business meeting last night, how funny was it to hear the cell phone blaring the Star Wars theme?)

Parking chief fired for illegal parking. Brilliant.

–Be glad this isn’t your family. Apparently, you don’t mess with the saggy pants.

–If you get hurt, will Lassie save you? Not so much.

–Interesting dilemma of our day: college professors on Facebook?



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