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Labor of Love

This is my favorite song from Behold the Lamb of God by Andrew Peterson. I think this YouTube version sounds better than the live show the other songs I’ve posted were from. The song is about Mary giving birth to Jesus — in this video, they set it to the scene from the movie The Nativity Story where Mary gives birth. The actors actually do a pretty good job and while I’m not a fan of people portraying Christ, you just get a couple brief shots of the baby’s face.

That said, I think the song actually works better if you just listen to it and don’t watch anything. Just concentrate on her voice and the words. Maybe it’s just because we’re having a baby soon that’s it’s really striking me, but think about it — Mary actually gave birth to a flesh-and-blood baby that was the Son of God. And it hurt when she did it. She went through the stigma of being unmarried and pregnant. People thought she was crazy. But she did what God asked of her. And He came to earth through her.

Once again, excellent songwriting. Great voice (it’s Jill Phillips this time, not AP). Great song.



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