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Giving or Taking?

So Thanksgiving was a good time. Saw the family, ate turkey in a grandly decorated basement, ate more turkey later, ate some pie, refereed a few cousin disputes, ate some more pie, watched Kentucky come this-close to beating Tennessee, drove home in the rain, ate some more leftovers.

I thought you should all see the true nature of one of the children at Thanksgiving dinner. Some of you may have seen this picture on Johanna’s site, but it’s worth reposting here. Notice how two of the subjects in the photo are smiling nicely (ok, they’re cheesing it up) for the camera. The other delinquent, however, isn’t satisfied with the one cookie he already has clutched in his hand. Nope, he needs more.

So while his cousin is distracted by the photographer, he sneaks his other hand over to grab his cousin’s cookie. Nice tactic, but he forgot that his attempted thievery was being recorded for all time. Who are this red-haired child’s parents? They either need to teach him to be a little more careful when he’s snatching cookies, or maybe they should instruct their child on just exactly what the eighth commandment is all about . . .




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