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Apparently, Running For President Makes Your Day Job Optional

Good post today from Joe Carter:

Can a Senator or Congressional Representative do their job as a legislator if they never show up for work? Ask the ten legislators currently running for President. Each has continued to collect their $165,200 salary while missing votes during the current Congress:

  • John McCain has missed 218 votes (53.3%)
  • Joseph Biden has missed 146 votes (35.7%)
  • Christopher Dodd has missed 140 votes (34.2%)
  • Barack Obama has missed 139 votes (34.0%)
  • Sam Brownback has missed 134 votes (32.8%)
  • Duncan Hunter has missed 321 votes (28.8%)
  • Tom Tancredo has missed 311 votes (28.0%)
  • Ron Paul has missed 276 votes (24.8%)
  • Hillary Clinton has missed 76 votes (18.6%)
  • Dennis Kucinich has missed 126 votes (11.3%) 
  • He then picks up on a choice quote where John Kerry’s spokesman is defending Kerry’s missed votes during his previous presidential campaign:

    “In the age of telecommunications, Sen. Kerry is in daily contact with his chief of staff,” Meehan said. “Voting is just one small part of being a U.S. senator.”

    Voting is just a small part of being a Senator? What do they consider the big part to be? Hobnobbing with lobbyists? Raising funds for re-election? It’s not as if Kerry was personally responding to letters from his constituents. He has staffers to those types of duties. In fact, voting is one of the few activities that his staff can’t do for him.

    These legislators are not doing their job — representing the people who elected them. Carter has a solution. Read the whole thing.



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