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Friday Roundup

Politics: Mike Huckabee is getting a lot of play in the national media. Articles today in the N.Y. Times, L.A. Times and Salon.com about how he’s gaining attention and momentum. Probably comes down to him or Romney when it comes to my vote.

The War: You probably haven’t heard much about it lately. Well, that’s probably because things are looking up. Casualties have dropped markedly and the Iraqi people are becoming more optimistic. Click here to read more about it. Of course, the networks aren’t saying much and the only articles I’ve seen recently have headlines like “2007 is Deadliest Year in Iraq for U.S.” The Democrats have too much invested in the U.S. losing this war to be happy when something good happens. If we’re winning, what are they going to talk about?

Harry Potter: I have some thoughts on J.K. Rowling’s “outing” of Dumbledore (one of the main characters in the Harry Potter series) but I’ll save those for another post. For now, just think about why she waited until the series was over to reveal his homosexuality.

And of course, a few oddities:

–If you’re a hunter, watch out for dogs with guns.

–No hugging your friends at school. Stop it.

–We will not be using this name for our child. Anyone who’s having a girl, though, feel free to use it.




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