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Just found this and thought it was good enough to deserve a post of its own rather than including it in the roundup below. From an article on adoption that Justin Taylor wrote for Boundless.org:

Have you ever stopped to think that Jesus Christ was himself adopted? Now we have to be careful — if we say that he was adopted by his eternal heavenly Father than we’ve expressed a heretical understanding! But at the same time, it’s often easy to forget that Joseph was Jesus’ earthly father — they had no biological connection but the relationship was very significant and real.

Have to admit I have never thought of that perspective. Seems pretty obvious once he points it out. It’s a great encouragement for those who are adopting or are thinking about it. You can’t have a much clearer picture of the Gospel than adoption provides. Read the whole article — there’s a great quote from J.I. Packer (who has three adopted kids — didn’t know that either).



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