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Halloween Costumes

Without getting into the whole “should our kids dress up and trick-or-treat or not” debate, here’s a disturbing article from the Washington Post about kids’ Halloween costumes these days: Preteens Trading Fairy Wands for Fishnets. It talks specifically about girls’ costumes and even more specifically, “sexy” costumes for young elementary-age girls.

Halloween has become a big business and an adult business. That’s inevitably trickling down to what kids wear when they trick-or-treat. There are stores with dozens of selections — for young girls — of revealing costumes.

From the article:

Cheryl Cirenza shook her head in exasperated disbelief. “This is all so inappropriate. It’s really disturbing,” she said, eyeing a wall of such girl and preteen costumes as Major Flirt in army green, the bellybutton-baring Devilicious and a sassy, miniskirted French Maid, pink feather duster included. She’d just turned down her 13-year-old daughter’s request for a Sexy Cop outfit. “When I was their age, I was a bunch of grapes.”

But that was back in the days when Halloween was still a homemade kind of holiday, when an old sheet with eyeholes was a perfectly acceptable ghost and clumsily carved pumpkins on the front porch were about as elaborate as the decorations got. Now, Halloween is big business. Americans are expected to spend upwards of $5 billion this year on candy, ghoulish decorations and costumes. And the hottest trend in costumes, retailers say, is sexy. And young.

It fits well with what we’ve heard in the Parenting class at Heritage last the couple of weeks, and it’s a reminder of what we’re facing out there. To her credit, the mom in the article stood her ground. Good for her.

Thankfully, I think Carter’s “Bob the Builder” costume will pass the test (although the legs are a little short . . .)

Oh, and watch the video below. It’s good.




3 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes

  1. Ya, it is scary. Kandi and I saw a couple of live examples tonight while house hunting.. A mom dressed up like a French Maid etc.. I’m like “c’mon.. what are you thinking” … Sadly her husband standing right beside her..

    Posted by Matt Martin | October 31, 2007, 7:13 pm
  2. Yep. Did you find a house yet?

    Posted by benhoak | November 1, 2007, 9:52 am
  3. Not yet, at least haven’t got our hearts set on one in particular. We have a long list of houses that we are looking into, but need to go look at them invidually and take a tour to get the warm fuzzies… We’ll see what the Lord has in store..

    Posted by Matt Martin | November 1, 2007, 6:49 pm

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