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Friday Roundup

–So after beating Cleveland, Boston is now playing the Colorado Rockies in the World Series. Here’s an angle you might not have thought of. You know those hats and t-shirts they always pull out right at the end of a championship game with the team’s name and logo and something like “2007 World Champion” printed on them? Well, if it’s a close series (or just a one-game championship, like the Super Bowl), what happens to the hats and t-shirts printed for the losing teams? You know, for instance, the ones that say, “Cleveland Indians, 2007 American League Champions.” Cleveland obviously didn’t win, so what happens to the shirts and hats?

Turns out they’re sent to Africa by World Vision, an international Christian humanitarian aid group.

As part of its agreement with the NFL and MLB, World Vision must ship all of the clothing overseas, preferably to places where the items won’t offend wounded

sports fans and defeated players.“It would be a horrible waste of a fine piece of apparel to destroy it,” says Brian McCarthy, an NFL spokesman. “Working with World Vision, we are able to provide those who are less fortunate with very nice pieces of apparel that may not mean that much to them in terms of who won and lost but does make a difference in their quality of life.”

For the most part, these folks we’re serving really have no idea who the Chicago Bears or the Boston Red Sox are,” says Fields. “They’re just glad to get a new piece of clothing that has never been worn before and isn’t a hand-me-down and doesn’t have a hole in it.”

Read the whole article. Really interesting. Great example of Christians using an American cultural quirk for the good of others. Even better if it leads to Gospel opportunities.

–Some of your favorite tv shows might be in for a rough few months: The Writers Guild of America may be going on strike as soon as November 1. With no writers, shows like “Lost” might be off the air for a while. Hope you like reality shows.

–Check out this New York Times Magazine feature on a British photographer named Simon Norfolk, who has shot pictures all over the world for the magazine. There are several slide shows of his work with audio clips of him explaining each story. Beautiful photos and it’s fascinating to listen to him explain them.

–There’s a professional video game league. Really. I’m not lying. Check out this article from ESPN.com. It’s a whole subculture. And it’s pretty much like you’d expect it to be. 20-somethings who practice all night in their parents’ basement, then go to tournaments. That’s what I want my son to be. Yep. Just doesn’t feel very redemptive and God-glorifying as a life. But it’s a well-written article describing a snapshot of our culture.

Do you believe her?



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