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From around the Internet:

  • Not to be all depressing on you with another link to a story about death, but this is an outstanding Sports Illustrated article by S.L. Price about Mike Coolbaugh, a Colorado Rockies coach who was killed by a line drive this summer. He left behind a wife, two young sons and a baby on the way. This is how you write a story, kids. The Rockies are now in the playoffs and they’ve voted to give Coolbaugh’s family a full share of whatever bonus they make for being in the playoffs. Classy move. (Here’s another great SI article about Miami’s new football coach. This is also how you write a story.)
  • Speaking of death, make sure you take your library books back before you die. Apparently, they’ll still try to charge you overdue fines even when you’re no longer around.
  • Jack, Jack, Jack. This is not how you save the world.
  • You won’t agree with Christopher Hitchens very often (he’s the atheist author of the bestselling book God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything), but he’s a good writer and I think he’s right with this article about Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The book he references about her story looks very good.
  • And here’s a video compilation of something you’ve probably heard a million times without really noticing it: the Wilhelm Scream. It became famous because of the the sound designer who used it in every Star Wars and Indiana Jones film, but it was originally recorded in 1951 and has showed up in lots of different movies:


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