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So Open-Minded That Our Brains Have Fallen Out

Yesterday, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke at Columbia University. He is in the country to speak to the United Nations today; Columbia University also invited him to speak on their stage. Columbia’s president Lee Bollinger used his introduction to slam Ahmadinejad, but he could have done that without providing an opportunity for Ahmadinejad to speak.

The whole thing never should have happened. He is the head of a nation that is a state sponsor of terrorism. He denies the Holocaust ever happened. He has advocated for wiping out the nation of Israel. He should not have been given this kind of platform to dump his propoganda on us. It’s offensive and it just gives ammunition to the entire Muslim world. He really shouldn’t even be allowed to speak at the United Nations — can you imagine the outcry if President Bush said he would like to see a country completely wiped out? He’d be pilloried, reprimanded and ridiculed (ok, even more than he already is). But this guy? Sure, come on in, say whatever you like. You can have all the free speech you want, even though you’re not an American. We’re very open-minded. What a bunch of nonsense.

Here’s what Hugh Hewitt says:

Today’s fiasco has nothing to do with  what Bollinger said, a name little known or long remembered anywhere outside of the upper West Side.  It is about the platform Columbia provided this thug who is actively engaged in the killing of American soldiers and Marines while plotting the extermination of Israel..

The absurd world of the academic left does not seem capable of imagining that skilled propagandists are at work for the other side, and that Ahmadinejad’s non-answers to the questions posed to him will benefit him and his regime.  They are naive beyond expression . . .

“What did you hope to accomplish by speaking at Columbia today,” the hapless dean asked.  Ahmadinejad was too polite to answer truthfully: “To find useful idiots who would allow me to deny that the facts of the Holocaust are fixed, to assert that Iran is the victim not the perpetrator of terror, that Israel’s right to exist ought to be the subject of a referendum, and to announce that there are no gays in Iran, thus sending a very clear message to the gays in Iran.  I came, in short, to find you and the audience you gave me.” 



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