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Catching Up

So it’s now a rainy Friday afternoon after a week of vacation and catching up. One post per week is pretty good, huh? A few things:

–Is New Mexico part of the U.S.? Apparently, some Americans don’t think so.

–If you’re planning to embark on a life of crime, you’re probably an idiot. Here’s proof.

–Here’s more proof. (The moral of the story: don’t call 911, even accidentally, when you’re making meth in another room).

–If you’re not sure if you’re a man or a woman and you feel uncomfortable in public restrooms, the University of Vermont is the place for you. They now have gender-neutral bathrooms.

–If you’re a Christian biker (as in motorcycles), here’s the church for you.

–Don’t move to Colorado if you have fond childhood memories of playing tag. An elementary school in Colorado Springs has banned the game of tag from the playground because it causes conflict and kids complained they were being chased against their will. Running games are allowed, as long as there is no chasing. Yeah, that’s gonna help get kids ready to face life.

–You know what’s hard? Trying to teach a 2-year old to spit when he’s brushing his teeth (or more accurately, you’re brushing his teeth for him).



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