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Liberals Don’t Want to Be Happy

Garrison Keillor writes a weekly syndicated column that our esteemed local paper, the Messenger-Inquirer (where I used to work), carries. Keillor is a talented, funny writer. Loads of people love listening to A Prairie Home Companion every week, and his daily Writer’s Almanac is usually full of interesting info. He’s also quite a liberal who relentlessly pounds us with his disdain for the President and most people or things associated with him.

His latest column, which ran last Friday, discussed Karl Rove’s resignation from the White House. It started out  funnily enough, talking about his aversion to canoe trips, camping and the great outdoors:

“But for the grace of God, I could be sitting on the ground, filthy, embittered, a homeless person, eating freeze-dried fruit and listening to the Master Woodsman tell what a great experience you’re having and meanwhile the woods are not lovely, just dark and deep, and a cloud of mosquitoes has come out to avenge the white man’s colonizing of North America.”

Although it’s funny and we all know people like that (some of you are probably just like that :), the first clue something is wrong is that he hates camping . . . Then he goes on to say this about Karl Rove:

“… what I find eerie about the man is his inexhaustible self-confidence and optimism.”

Read that again. He finds it strange to be confident in yourself and optimistic about the country. Apparently, he thinks we should all be moping around, unsure of what we’re doing and depressed about it.

That’s liberalism for you — you shouldn’t be happy and optimistic, but gloomy and depressed all the time. No thanks.

Later, Keillor mentions how much of the immigration bill’s failure was because of Rove, and because the bill didn’t pass, Homeland Security is going to crack down on illegal immigrants who are “forced to sneak across the border … so we can get them cheap.” Yep — someone is pointing a gun to their heads and making these illegals come here. We obviously should just let them stay.



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