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Offbeat News

This is overdue from last week, but some of these are too good not to post:

–Wonder if he had to sleep on the couch the next night?: Deputy Charged With DUI After Husband Pulls Her Over Twice

–There are lots of reasons not to be Muslim, but here’s one advantage for ladies — the headscarf can hide your earphones (at least until you get caught).

–Daniel W. might want to be careful with his lawnmower gadgets. This could happen.

Another name we won’t be using for the baby. It’s still available for all you other expectant parents: “@”

–Leave it to the Hoosiers: Indiana Neighbors Shot Each Other to Death Over Dispute

–Of course, I can’t say much: Kentucky Man Wraps Head in Duct Tape as Disguise for Attempted Robbery

–And finally, how can you not notice this? (C’mon, click on it. You know you want to.)



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