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Harrod and Funck


This post is primarily for three people: Aaron and Erin H. and Stef M., although Brooke M. and Dani S. will also appreciate it. The rest of you will also thank me once you discover these two fine gentlemen.

If you like acoustic/folk/singer-songwriter type music, you need to hear Jason Harrod and Brian Funck (Harrod is on the right, Funck on the left). They’re no longer singing together, but they made some beautiful music several years ago. We (A and E, Stef, some others) got to go to the release party for their second CD in Boston, where they were based, and it was good stuff — still have a picture of that somewhere.

They both write the songs (their lyrics actually mean something), they take turns singing lead and their harmonies are incredible. Not sure if they’re Christians, but I wouldn’t be surprised either way. They’ve released three cds: Dreams of the Colorblind, Harrod and Funck, and Live, and we’ve always wanted more.

I randomly Googled them the other day and discovered this site, which talks about who they are, has a discography, lyrics, a fan forum, etc. Some of the comments led me to this site, where I hit the motherload: four recorded Harrod and Funck concerts (one at Taylor College, the other three at Wheaton College, where they both went). It takes a while, but you can download all four concerts (scroll down to the bottom).

There are lots of the familiar songs, but it’s cool to hear them in a different setting. And, there are lots of songs that aren’t on the cd’s — I haven’t listened to them all yet, but from what I’ve heard so far, it’s more Harrod and Funck goodness. The sound quality isn’t spectacular, but you can hear them fairly well.

All four shows add up to quite a few songs — they’re all on my iPod now, but I’ll probably listen through them once and then get rid of the duplicates

Do yourself a favor and check out Harrod and Funck. Owensboro people, you’re welcome to borrow one of my cd’s. If you want to buy the cd’s, go to Wheaton College’s online bookstore and all three cd’s are there. I’d start with Dreams of the Colorblind. You won’t be disappointed.



2 thoughts on “Harrod and Funck

  1. I remember catching some of their songs playing 10 years ago in a coffeeshop in Omaha. A friend of mine was a fan and told me about them. Definitely worth a listen.

    Posted by jenn | September 14, 2011, 2:21 pm


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