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Offbeat News

Offbeat news of the week:

–Ever wonder how they measure the distance for a marathon, especially for Olympic trials? Yeah, me neither, but it’s pretty interesting once you think about it. A New York Times article — Olympian Task: Measuring 26.2 Miles, to the Inch — explains how they do it. There are people who actually measure things for a living. For the marathon, they calibrate a measuring device on the front wheel of their bikes, then ride their bikes carefully along the route. They do it in the middle of the night too — it’s dark, but there’s less chance of getting squashed by a truck.

–Who judges the judges? “A scheduling conflict between two judges needing to use the same Searcy County courtroom Wednesday morning started an argument that escalated to threats of arrest, witnesses said.” Read about it here.

–We will not be naming our yet-to-be-born child this, no matter if it’s a boy or a girl.

–Finally, this convenience store clerk is the man. A young man comes in with a shotgun to rob the store. He gets distracted while taking the money, so he lays the gun on the counter. The clerk sees his chance and takes the gun away from him. The robber leaves, then comes back and jumps the counter to try to get his gun back. He doesn’t succeed and is eventually arrested. The video’s pretty good — keep watching, because they show it from several different angles (a short ad will play before the story begins).



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