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Barry Bonds

 I wouldn’t be much of a sports blogger if I didn’t post something about Barry Bonds. He hit home run number 756 last night, passing Hank Aaron for the most home runs hit all time. Just about the only people who were cheering for him were his home fans in San Francisco.

That’s because he’s a cheater. He’s used steroids. It hasn’t been proven in a court of law, or by Major League Baseball, but reporters and others have shown beyond much doubt at all that he used steroids to help him in his career. Your head size just doesn’t expand on its own, but with steroids, it can.

Here’s a comparison of Bonds early in his career and later. Much bigger, no?


So how should we look at him? Barcelou says because MLB hasn’t convicted him, we have to view him as innocent, and technically, he’s probably right, but almost no one looks at him that way. He’s also a jerk — he treats people rudely, cheated on his wife for years and has been under investigation for income tax evasion.

He’s no hero. He’s an example of all that’s wrong with sports today. Do anything in pursuit of your dream. Treat people however you want. It’s all about the glory you get, the goals you reach, the fans who cheer.

Except it’s not. He’ll have a lot more to answer for someday than just steroids. Check out this piece on the lessons we can learn from Barry Bonds (HT: Barcelou).



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