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Gays in the Military

So here’s a question for you: why shouldn’t we allow gay men to serve in the military?

When we’re fighting a war against radical enemies and our military is volunteer-based (no draft), why should we exclude a capable soldier simply on the basis of his sexuality? We don’t have a policy excluding adulterers. Should this be different? A gay man can serve now under the don’t ask/don’t tell policy as long as he doesn’t officially tell anyone he’s gay, but should that have to be the case?

A gay lifestyle doesn’t automatically make someone a bad soldier or unpatriotic. So why should it keep them from joining the military?

What light does the Bible have to shed on this? In many cases, willful sin can and should disqualify us from certain privileges and positions, but is this one of those cases?

Lest you think I’m a heathen, I’m not necessarily advocating this. Just want to see if anyone has any arguments either way. I can think of a few on both sides, but I’ll hold off till later.



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